Volunteer Position Descriptions


ARENA MASTERS – Control and coordinate acts/scenes as they enter/leave the arena floor during rehearsals and shows.  Prior experience as a Curtain Puller is helpful.                               

Volunteer Period – 15 June to 6 July

ADMINISTRATION – Assist the staff in the Production Office by answering the telephones, issuing IDs, printing and distributing memos, reconciling meal vouchers, and other logistical duties in support of the cast and staff.

Volunteer Period – 12 June to 6 July

BACKSTAGE MARSHALS – Marshals maintain order backstage.  Duties may include keeping noise levels down during performances, security (such as checking IDs at entrances), and ensuring performers are following safety rules.

Volunteer Period – 27 June to 6 July

CURTAIN PULLERS – Operating the curtains at the entrances/exits to the arena floor under direction of the Arena Masters.  Also assist with the efficient entry and exit of performers.

Volunteer Period – 15 June to 6 July

EXTRAS – Tattoo Extras are used in the show wherever bodies are needed to complete a scene.  Extras must be willing to make the commitment to be available for fittings, all required rehearsals and performances.  Volunteering does not necessarily mean that you will be chosen.  Certain scenes require male or female performers and those chosen must fit the costumes/uniforms in stock. 

When applying, provide clothing size, weight, height, et cetera, by completing Part 5 on the application.                  

Volunteer Period – 10 June to 6 July

FRIENDS INFO TABLES – At performances, staff the Friends of the Tattoo information tables/concourse area, signing up new members to be added to the Tattoo Times mailing list.        

Volunteer Period – 29 June to 6 July

POSTER & BROCHURE DISTRIBUTOR – Distribute posters and brochures throughout the HRM or other parts of the province.  If you live outside HRM, this provides the opportunity to remain in your home area for volunteering. 

Be sure to complete Part 3B on the Volunteer Application form if you are applying for this position.

Volunteer Period – 15 May to 6 July

PROPS ASSISTANTS – If you are handy with a hammer or a paint brush, this is the perfect spot for you!  Our Props department is always looking for enthusiastic people to build and repair props.  Carpentry experience is a definite asset, but not a requirement.  Props volunteers are also required periodically throughout the year.

Volunteer Period – 1 May to 6 July

WARDROBE ASSISTANTS/DRESSERS – Dressers assist the Wardrobe department in ensuring the performers are dressed properly for every show.  Assistants may be called upon for some sewing, hemming, or other costume repairs.

Volunteer Period – 10 June to 6 July


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