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50/50 Information

Date Ticket Number  Prize Value  Claimed
June 28 AA3-200037 $132.50 YES
June 29 A3-017187 $10,040.00 YES
June 30 B3-025497 $10,480.00 YES
July 1 C3-046324 $7,842.50 YES
July 2 D3-046441 $5,557.50 YES
July 3 E3-059259 $6,315.00 YES
July 4 F3-068079 - NEW WINNING NUMBER  $6,122.50 NO
July 5 G3-082410 $7,737.50 YES
July 6  H3-093133 $9,920.00 YES


The winner must identify themselves within 30 minutes of the announcement of the winning number to the 50/50 volunteer at the sound booth (Section 22) or at the 50/50 desk (between sections 31-32). If no winner comes forward the winning number is held for 90 days and the winner may claim their prize at the Tattoo Office - Unit 6 - 10 Morris Drive, Dartmouth. If no winner comes forward, a second draw will be held and that winner has 90 days to claim the prize. All winning numbers will be posted on the Tattoo website: www.nstattoo.ca and all unclaimed prizes will be advertised in the NS provincial newspaper. For information, call: 902-420-1114.

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